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The CrimeTalk website for Professor Colin Sumner. This online portal allows the publication of articles, the discussion on forums and social networking of Criminal Justice students, teachers, professors and general public. 


- Joomla and JomSocial Upgrade. 

- Transition of Community forums from PHPBB3 to Kunena Forms integrated within Joomla!

- Customization of JomSocial Core, JomSocial Plugins and JomSocial Modules. 

- Automatic Login using Facebook username and password ( facebook connect ) . 

- CrimeTalkEd facebook fan page creation and maintenance.

- Automatically publishing the content from website to facebook and twitter.

- Google Webmaster Tools, Joomla Stats and Google Analytics for SEO improvements and analysis 

- Configuration of Amazon Ads

- Customization of multiple modules to fulfill the requirements

- Continous support and maintenance for the website. 

Client: Colin Sumner

Company: Crime Talk



Tahir has been an excellent website developer for my site and also a loyal and devoted general help. He has tolerated my frequent fussiness and changes of mind, and been able to display an endearing degree of flexibility and adaptability. Even more than that, he has been an alert, supportive and independent companion throughout the development of my site. 

I value his technical skills highly and he has nearly always proved to be able to arrive at solutions - the rest of the time has not been his fault. But I value his empathy for my project and tolerance for my circumstances even more, and the willingness to go with me, support and guide me, when I have chosen my own path have proved a basis for efficiency and progress.

Despite illness and other demands on his time, he has usually been very prompt indeed in meeting my demands and, where there have been delays for one reason or another, we have worked together well to catch up. His abilities and stamina have been tested but he has always come through for me. He takes the rough with the smooth, makes no fuss, puts up with my down moods and remains always a model of calm and reason. Always, he stays professional, yet retains a sense of humour and his humanity. This makes him a great guy to work with and an excellent colleague.

Suggestions for improvement? I have no need to suggest any because Tahir is always developing himself, is taking advanced courses all the time, and is dedicated to his work. I can rely on him to make accurate self-assessments and move forward accordingly. I know we will continue to work together successfully and enjoyably.

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