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Malware removal and upgrade of a Joomla! based website. The website was effected with the confuscated code with the use of base 64 decode; that resulted in generating javascript related infections in various pages. 


- Upgraded Joomla! version from Joomla! 1.0 to Joomla 1.5.26

- Removed malware, the template files were vulnerable that allowed the hackers to break-in and activate their scripts. 

- The site uses a custom made component called com_bullhorn to sync the data with Bullhorn Recruitment Software; I have worked to customize the component further.

- Customization of a plugin to password protect specific pages for certain users. Only users with specific password could access the particular page on this Joomla! website.

- Provided continous support, maintenance services and upgrade to the latest release for over a year. 


Customer: Mr. Jamal Pilger


 -- The work continues with the client as of now --



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