Joomla and MailChimp Integration; the website offers technology news and reviews alongwith newsletter subscription and user-management. 

Derbyshire Kadampa Primary School website using WordPress and theme from themeforest. A highly interactive website fulfilling the needs for a school website, offering admission information and services, class schedules and faculty details.   

The CrimeTalk website for Professor Colin Sumner. This online portal allows the publication of articles, the discussion on forums and social networking of Criminal Justice students, teachers, professors and general public. 

A clinic website for Dr. Patrick Forster of Gateway Psychiatric Services. The website provides information about other practioners alongwith their contact and clinic locations. The online appointments for clinic and refill of medicines facility is also available. 

Website for T. Houston Technology Group; offering white papers access through newsletter subscriptions. The website also offers downloadable ebooks, white papers and press release alongwith other information related to the company.   

The complete online store for Kids Apparal; the website allows online purchase of products with automatic payment through paypal or credit card and order management. The backend control panel allows uploading new products alongwith users, content and order management.   

Design and Development of a Real Estate Website using iProperty component for Joomla! Website offers property listings, property sale purchase, property price generator, property search engines and much more.  

Website for a community of Scuba Divers; the website allowed user registrations, forum postings and the interaction of scuba divers using Facebook styled interface and features built on top of Joomla + JomSocial and MyBlog.  

Designed the template from scratch based on the Gantry Framework from Rocket Theme. Installed and configured VirtueMart for selling ebooks and dating advice services alongwith healing subscriptions. The site offers weekly and monthly subscriptions to the users.

Listing of Wedding Professionals, Photographers and Party Organizers using JReviews in Joomla. The integrated blog allows posts featured wedding events and related pictures and content.  

JoomlArt's T3 framework customization using the blank template. The template was developed from scratch and the customized for settling the client needs.   

Customization of Rocket Theme template and Gantry framework to develop the website for Palace Windows and Doors Business in UK.  

Customization of Joomla core and development of modules and plugins to integrate with Sugar CRM for displaying Dental Practicies across Australia and NewZealand. All the practices, dental clinics and dental doctors information is pulled from Sugar CRM and is displayed on Joomla! Pages. 

Joomla! Website Design and Development from Photoshop to Joomla! Template Development and Completion of website.  

Customize Joomla Design and Fix Contact Us Form. 

Malware removal and upgrade of a Joomla! based website. The website was effected with the confuscated code with the use of base 64 decode; that resulted in generating javascript related infections in various pages. 

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